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Ion exchange chemicals suppliers for water filters

Water is unavoidable for the survival of life because it makes a great part of an organism’s body. Water acts like a liquid skeleton to the body and prevents the body constituents from falling apart. At last the final packaging could be in cartons. It is done manually and No machines have been provided for it.

As people are becoming more conscious to their health, the demand for mineral water is increasing at a rapid rate. Mineral water provides guaranteed water quality and also gives protection against water borne diseases.

1] Purification: After the water is being received from the various sources, it is passed through the distillation plant and stored in a stainless steel container. Thereafter it is fed to the bottling sector and continuous operation achieved.

2] Bottle Manufacturing: Pet pre-forms are blown into bottles and an adequate number of bottles, kept ready while the machine continues to produce more during the shift, when the bottling has been started.

3] Rinsing - Filling - Capping: The machine automatically rinses the bottles which are fed into it, fills and screws the cap on it. Caps are embossed with the manufactured date and expiry before being put into the hopper for screwing on to the bottle.

The label and the neck sleeve are manually located on the bottles which then pass through the shrink tunnels and onto packing conveyer. Expiry date and batch number can be printed on the labels or caps prior to their being put on the bottles.

The bottles are being passed via heat shrink tunnel so that it can be easy to shrink and stick the label and neck sleeve to the bottles.

At last the final packaging could be in cartons. It is done manually and No machines have been provided for it.

Everyone knows that how essential water is for the continued existence of all living beings. Scientists have been snooping mars for decades just to uncover the slightest existence of water.

Water is unavoidable for the survival of life because it makes a great part of an organism’s body. Water acts like a liquid skeleton to the body and prevents the body constituents from falling apart. Material Characteristics of a substance deal with its exterior, however, compound Characteristics are that properties used in chemistry to denote the status of the substance.

• SEMCO is a leading water treatment chemicals company and we are supplying numerous types of chemicals for water treatment and wastewater treatment. We have scores of experience on production and application of Water treatment chemicals.

Anthracite Filter Media

For the most part, water treatment plants in the world make use of Filter media in the procedure of producing drinking water.

The best quality anthracite filter media is Parasite.

It used in the treatment of potable water, process water and sewage.

It is verified as dual filter media with sand.

It can be used as a product for use in gravity and force filters.

It is divided into ordinary grade, which is used chiefly in power.

Production and high grade (HG) and ultra high grade (UHG), the key uses of Which are in the metallurgy division?

SEMCO GROUP is one of the leading and respectable industrial houses in India, having diverse business interests in Railways, Marine, Forging & Engineering Products and Defence/Security products. The group annual turnover is over INR 4000 Million and has joint venture with one of the world leaders, CNR DATONG ELECTRIC LOCOMOTIVES CO LTD. CHINA.

SEMCO is one of the emerging service providers in the Defence sector .Our main object is to provide marketing services including Pre & post sales service to foreign Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) as required by the Defence of govt. of India.

SEMCO is one of the emerging service providers in the Defence sector .Our main object is to provide marketing services including Pre & post sales service to foreign Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) as required by the Defence of govt. of India.

Railway Axles - Axle Manufacturers & Exporters in India

A center pivot pin is a kind of pin that is bolted to the bolster body and it runs down vertically through the center of the bogie bolster through the center pivot allowing it to rotate when the coach moves or turns.

Railway Bogie is used in most of the Indian Railway main line passenger coaches and freight wagons of various types.  The bogie constitutes of various components and all of them are safety items. The frame of Bogie called the Bogie frame is steel casting structure for passenger bogies are made of high tensile plates by process of fabrication and machining.

Wheel and axle set assembly 

Railway wheel and axle set assembly is a vital component of railway bogie on which the railcar move. It constitutes of two wheels and one axle. Wheels can be cast wheels or forged wheels but axles are only manufactured through forging process. In India these wheel and axle sets are being manufactured at Yelahanka, Bangalore and at SAIL Durgapur but the production is not enough to meet with the requirement of Indian railways and thus Global tenders are floated time to time by Railway Board and wheels, axles or wheel sets are imported. Either loose wheels are imported or then they are pressed and turned with axles in India or vice versa. Complete assemblies are imported and directly put to use on wagons manufactured by wagon builders.

Brake beam assembly 

A brake beam assembly is used in wagons or rail cars. The brake beam is of the shape of isosceles triangle and includes a rotatable clevis which is connected to a channel member. The clevis is connected to a leaf spring which is accommodates excessive force during braking. The brake head is connected to an adaptor so that the brake head and shoe can float and accommodate wheel wear or misalignment of the brake beam and the wheel and axle assembly. 

Brake blocks or Brake Shoe or brake pads

A brake block is a rigid moulded friction material having a random fibre asbestos base and containing metallic particles. These arch shaped blocks were originally developed to have the ability to withstand the heavy braking demands of Electric Multiple Unit (EMU) stock, operating suburban passenger services. Since then its use has been extended to a range of duties from low speed shunting locomotives to high speed passenger trains.

Brake cylinder 

Brake cylinder is mounted on the bogie frame or wagon body frame and is of two types with rigging return spring or without rigging return spring. A brake cylinder is used for quick braking purpose.

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SEMCO Infratech manufacturer home best domestic water purifier

H2o purification is a complex topic, but learning a little about the technology is a good idea. This is especially true, if you are shopping for a home water purifier. There some really good h2o purifiers and some mediocre products. What follows are some suggestion about which type to look for & which ones to avoid. If you live in an area with a public water purification facility, then the liquid that comes through your faucets has already been treated in a number of different processes.

There is various method of water purification that is presently used for domestic use & Reverse Osmosis Plants. Some are better than others because they filter out more contaminations, and also leave in the necessary minerals that we require for good quality health. But before I start on into an account of residence purifiers, let’s 1st talk about why you need to purify your water in the 1st place. For eating and cooking, you basically have three possible sources, tap, bottled, or filtered. Regrettably, your tap H2o potentially contains a world of contamination! Part of the trouble is our treatment plants are fifty to one 100 years old! They weren’t intentional for our world full of pesticides.

The H2o that requirements cleanup filters through sediment bed to remove particles and then it’s inject with enough chlorine to kill microorganisms & virus. That work well one 100 years ago! And we surly don’t have outbreak of cholera like we did a 100 ago. But the trouble is not all that we find in our waterH2o today is filtered out. Also, the chlorine itself is potentially selfsame harmful. Just as an example. Learning was done recently of the municipal systems of major cities. Traces of pesticides were found in every city’s H2o! Of trend, fear of our municipal systems is what fires the bottled H2o explosion over the past 10 years. Makes total sensory! You would think that a bottle of h2o with a photo of a perfect glacier would be pure! Not needs true! Turns out almost of it comes straight out of a tap, just like you’re at home. In other words, you need a home water filter! So now let’s talk about the different methods of filtration & which ones are the best for domestic use.

There are a number of methods of treatment h2o that you can use at home. Some of the technology embraces grainy activate carbon filters, metal alloy filters, micro holey ceramic filters & carbon block filters. Also, rather of now transient the h2o through a filter, you can pass it through a porous membrane. Passing through a membrane is regularly done through a process called RO. There are a number of home purifiers that use this technology. RO is not the best way to filter domestic. It’s used often in industry for bottled drinks, commercial & for things like car washing. There are 2 problems with this method of purification. It wastefulness a lot, & also it filters out the stuff we actually need—those all important trace minerals, like calcium.

In its latest published yearly report the EPA stated that “76% of the populations served by public water systems usual drinking water with no important violation”. That means that for the other 24% there was significant violation. It is reports the likes this that have causal customers to see at ways to get cleaner eating water. As a result sales of water purifier have increased well. Organization ranging from sear to the Clorox Bleach organization is selling h2o filter. Anyway of where you live, there are some contaminants still present in the h2o distribute to your home. The only way to totally care for yourself is to invest in a water filter of your own.

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SEMCO Infratech - Manufacture Every Types of Reverse Osmosis System

SEMCO RO machine is completely unique, diligent and economical. Our Residential Reverse Osmosis water filter provides complete water filtration of acutely raw feed water and thus gives safe and pure drinking water at economical prices. The Company provides spares for Reverse Osmosis plants such as Membranes, Micron Filters & Housing, FRP & SS Pressure Vessels, UV Systems, Ozononator Etc.

Where on one hand Water is the basic necessity of life and on other hand clean and pure water a basic necessity for healthy life. Just living is not so important as to living a life, that is socially, mentally and physically healthy.

We at SEMCO aim to provide clean and pure water to offer a healthy life by dealing with contaminants present in drinking water. Semco has made lot of research and designed scientifically proven water purifies by use of world known technique called Reverse osmosis still keeping the prices to the lowest so that it can be afforded by much wider range of people living in urban and rural areas and benefit the mass.

SEMCO water filters cum purifiers are designed to eradicate water-bound problems and are available in different sizes, capacities, features and configuration to cater to needs of people in living different topography having different quality of water availability.

Apart from domestic water purifiers that are meant for kitchen use we provide industrial water purification equipments as well. Our industrial/commercial purifies have a larger cleaning and storage capacity ranging from 125 liters per hour to 25000 liters per hour. Industrial purifiers are being used in different industrial sectors that include Pharmaceuticals, Sugar industry, distilleries, beverage factories, meat processing and various industries under FMCG sectors.

To meet with the increasing demand of safe and pure portable drinking water for residential and commercial use we offer our not just Reverse osmosis filters but also our rich field experience. We provide full support and can offer turnkey solutions including undertaking designing, fabrication, onsite commissioning and installation of reverse osmosis plants, DM plants and packaged drinking water plants.

Apart from providing complete plants we also sell spares and chemicals and have joined hands with Ion Exchange India. Ltd. to market their products at various locations in India. We are authorized dealers of large range of Ion exchange products.

Sell and forget is not our policy. We extend 1 year free support and maintenance services for our water treatment plants and Reverse osmosis Filters and guarantee free repair or replacement against any manufacturing defect.

We also offer annual maintenance, consultancy and up gradation services as per international standards and practices on existing plants at a very nominal fee to suit the pocket of our valued customers.

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Reverse Osmosis Plants - SEMCO Infratech

The Company provides spares for Reverse Osmosis plants such as Membranes, Micron Filters & Housing, FRP/SS Pressure Vessels, UV Systems, Ozononator Etc. H2o Chemicals, Media, Anti-scalant etc. The Company supplies a complete scheme of Packaged Drinking H2o Plant/Mineral H2o Plant/Mineral Water Bottling Plant on Turn-Key basis to its valued customers.

It is often believed that only quality of drinking water matters and affects the body, but it is not so, even water used of bathing, especially hot shower has can affect one’s health. There are RO systems that you can attach to all of the faucets in your home and you can attach filters to your shower to filter water and use for bathing, cooking, washing etc.

Fluoride or Chlorine in water beyond the permissible lever as per EPA’s standards can also have diverse effect in human body. Chlorine causes irritation in eyes; excess fluoride can destroy human enzymes. It does this by changing their shapes. As a result it breaks down collagen, can cause eczema, tissue damage, skin wrinkling, genetic damage, and immune suppression. However bones and teeth can be hardened by fluoride as it mineralizes them. When fluoride mineralizes the tendons, muscles and ligaments, it makes them crackly, painful and inflexible. Excess Fluoride causes osteoporosis and mottling or dental fluorosis.

Reverse osmosis is a process by which water can be purified/filtered through a semi permeable membrane. This membrane works as a sieve that lets only molecules water pass through due to the size of its pores. Size of contaminants, asbestos, heavy toxic metals and other impurities present in raw water being bigger than the pores of membrane do not pass through. Then this filtered water is processed by an advanced ultra violet technology that completely removes microorganisms present in water. Ro can work well with very little maintenance.

Dm plants that operates on reverse osmosis technology is best for removal of salt from sea water, removing the salt from sea water is commonly done to make water drinkable or fir use in cooking or by industries where salt in water can infer with the production and product quality. Water containing salt in excess can leave deposits on the equipments or cause corrosion. It is also used to clean sewage and salty groundwater.

Ro system used for improving water for drinking and cooking all over the world, and for removal of microbes, radionuclide’s, inorganic compounds such as arsenic, antimony, asbestos, barium, beryllium, cadmium, chromium, copper, cyanide, lead, fluoride, mercury, nitrate/nitrite, selenium, thallium, volatile organics, disinfectants and disinfection byproducts.

Reverse osmosis filter is the most effective system available today to clean water to make is fit for residential or industrial use because it can clean a much larger portion of contaminants as compared to other systems like filtration and boiling.

SEMCO supply water purifier plants as a reverse osmosis plants, water filter, water purification, water chemical, domestic water filter, Industrial, commercial ro etc.

Railway Wheels - Axle and Wheel sets for all Railway Applications

Railway industry has rapidly shown a remarkable progress in the past few years. The products including the railway wheels, wheel sets, railway bogies and railway axle have played an important role in enhancing the overall functioning of the trains.

Indian railways share the longest rail connectivity all across Asia, covering more than 1 lakh track kilometers distance. When it comes to the Indian railway or trains, there are enormous trains including some of the super fast deluxe trains. The change in technology and modern Indian railways has shown remarkable progress and growth in the past few years. With its effective and quality services to the passengers and through Asia, railway products have gained immense popularity throughout the world. Railway wheels are an important element of the railway industry. There are different types of wheels and internal parts used in the railway industry for the modification and development of trains.

Wheels, tyres, axles, wheel centers, tired wheels, railway wheel set, axle boxes and locomotive wheels are some of the major railway elements without which the railway industry seems incomplete. However, there are many different ways of preparing wheels; but generally, wheels are made by casting or forging process. There are many companies that especially manufacture railway products providing the best quality services and products at affordable pricing in bulk. These manufacturing companies and industries have their wheel casting plant, wheel forging plant and railway axle manufacturing plant AAR approved. The railway wheels are the pillars of the railway industry therefore, in any case, they have to be the best in terms of quality and long life. The steel wheels of steam locomotives are usually fitted with steel tires to provide a replaceable wearing element on a costly wheel.

Highly skilled professionals are contracted for fitting and replacement of the wheels. The railway bogies present in the trains at present have increased since past few years with the development in technology and growth in the Indian railway industry. Bogies are the trucks on the bottom of train cars; they contain the wheels attached to an axle and a wheel set that keeps the train moving along the track.

The bogies are normally flexible but majority of the bogies are rigid. These bogies were created by engineers with a motive to allow the train’s better maneuverability on curved tracks. For every type of train, there are several basic elements that play a major role in enhancing the functioning of that particular product. If you are into railway industry, learning about each individual part of a train and its functioning is of utmost importance to you. Learning could be a bit time taking accordingly but can benefit you a lot if you are a manufacturer.

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SEMCO FORGE - The Growing Importance of Forging

For the best steel forging services and high quality output, an effective search is the most intrinsic option that can help you find the best forging manufacturing company. The forging process is very complex in nature. Therefore, it is advised to take time and look for the best services.

Steel plays an important role in this modern world of technology. The influence and utility of steel in human life is intrinsic due to which it can be found in almost every household. In order to make use of steel in our household, it must be heated and treated in such a way that it can be used in our household. There are numerous forms of heat treatments applied on steel to achieve the desired qualities among which some of the popular ones are annealing, quenching, tempering and forging. Forging steel is one of the earliest heat treatment methods discovered by man and is widely used to bring out the desired quality steel in many industries.

Traditionally, a blacksmith would perform forging steel operation with the use of hammer and anvil. Additionally, water was also used to cool the heated work piece. With the advancement in technology, today, blacksmiths are not supposed to manually labor with hammer and anvil because the process of manually doing is replaced by pressers, hydraulic or compressed air hammers. Forging is a common method used in the manufacturing of products. In the past forging was limited to certain types of shapes like swords and blades because it was really difficult to produce complex shapes accurately with less technologies and machines but with the advancement and invention of modern and high class machines, forging steel is no longer limited to simple shapes.

Industries can easily produce numerous types of complex shapes with the help of modern machines. Forging is mainly divided into two categories hot and cold. To bring out the accurate output, either hot or cold forging is done. The temperature at which the forging is done directly affects the grain structure of the forged part which ultimately affects its properties. There are many forging suppliers across the world providing their best and high quality services and products for the industrial use. Apart from steel forging, some of the other well known forging include carbon steel forging and alloy forging.

Alloy forging is mainly carried at high temperature. Although, the process is carried out according to your requirements and needs but the manufacturing companies provide you the expert assistance for customized material sections too for your convenience and ease. There are many manufacturing companies that are dedicated to provide its customers and clients with the most cost effective alloy and carbon steel forging techniques and manufacturing processes available.

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Semco India - Forge Your Metal to Shape the World

In this world of technological world, forging has become an integral part of steel industry where heated metals of different shape turned into useful steel equipments. Steel forged is invented with the help of various forging techniques that comprise hot and cold forging.

The discovery of steel has been based on the several discoverers who have dedicatedly contributed to serve the society with forging materials. Well, forging is an initial stage of steel that shaped after heading between hammer and the anvil. In other words “Heating a metal to form an equipment of any shape with different size”. In the first of step of forge the fire is usually rekindled by a bellows. It is the same stage when the plastic strain produces with the use of hammer. Weight and size of the hammer is proportionate to the size of the steel forge. Charcoal forge, Gas forge and Finery forge are the main forms of forge while using to shape the various metals into different steel equipments.

Anvil, Chisel, Tongs, Fuller, Hardy and Slack tub are the most common equipments used in forging. Where the drop forged is one of the most familiar types of steel forge. Under this method, different shapes of heated metals turned into useful steel equipments.

There are basically two types of steel forge; hot forging and cold forging. There is a vast difference between these two types of forging techniques.

Majorly in these days of high technological world, hot forging is favorably used for steel forge. Under this process of forging, red heat is used to shape the metal that becomes malleable. Here, we can adjust the heat point as per the metal object so that on the selective point we can use hammer in order to get an effective result. As with more tender of heat, the forged metal gets into a required shape and size. The hot forging is commonly used for steels, and also for the copper that is tender to the red as the lead.

In cold forging, the process is lesser complex and need time to become effective. Here, the temperature does not put a major impact as it does in hot forgings. Somehow, hammer is used in both the cases that largely depends open the malleability of Metal and its state of strain hardening. The cold forging is commonly adopted for iron, copper, brass, gold, silver and aluminum.

Here in this world of steel industry there are many steel forging companies including THE SEMCO INDIA that favorably known by forging manufacturers all across the world. Here, you would find hundreds of forging materials stated for different steel materials. Well, catch the memorable moments of forging that respectively raise the standard of steel industry.